Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta 2002

Colorado Springs Balloon Classic 2002

Gallup New Mexico 2002

Red Sunrise in Lamar, CO 2002

Pictures taken by a friend of mine from Australia, Nathen Massey in Snowmass CO 2003 

Rick and Sandy go see San Francisco, CA 2003

Rick, Sandy and Heather go to New York City in 2004

Rick and Sandy go back to New York City in 2005

Rick and Sandy's big trip to New York City April 4 - 8, 2006

Out Playing with my friends in eastern Colorado 2002 

Riverton WY, 2002

Sandy and her Mother Doris run off to London, England for a few days in June of 2005

Snowmass, CO 2003

Snowmass, CO 2004

Snowmass, CO 2005

Stearman Fly in, Saint Francis, KS 2002