Places to leave my money

Arrow Antennas Some of the BEST antennas you can by!

Ham Radio Outlet - The HRO Home Page The Local Ham radio store! 

AES-Amateur Radio - Ham Radio - Welcome to the Amateur Electronic Supply Website  (The other mail order guys)

Burghardt Amateur Center (The other mail order guys)

The - Amateur Radio guide Reviews  Reviews of Ham equipment by Hams

Gigaparts (The other mail order guys)

Icom America, Inc - Home

Kenwood Communications

Meeting People with Ham Radios - by suggestion of Ms.Brooke for her student Abby. (Delaware is a place I have always been curious about)

The History of Telecommunication - Suggested by Mrs. Taylor and her El Paso County After School Care kids. Located at the base of Pikes Peak in Colorado

MFJ Enterprises 

Radiall/Larsen Antenna Technologies

QRZ's list of Commercial Ham Radio Websites

QRZ.COM Home Page

Universal Radio, Inc

YAESU - Products